Detox Treatment Plans

The following detoxification plan is to be used in conjunction with a colonic hydrotherapy course, herb capsules and intestinal cleansing powders. Information and downloads are for clients who wish to follow this treatment plan:

Seven Day Detoxification Program

The seven-day detoxification involves fasting, juicing and flushing your system out with colonics and herbs. Fasting is an effective way of healing the body from within. Body processes change when you give your system a rest from eating. We have an emotional dependency on food and fasting can expose underlying psychological issues that can surface and be dealt with. Emotional and practical support is given during detoxification and referrals can be arranged within a network of qualified therapists.

Liver and Gall Bladder Flush

Cleansing the body has to start with the colon and the liver as they are the organs of elimination.

If you suffer from constipation, backache, hormonal imbalances, substance abuse or skin conditions flushing out the liver would be very beneficial for you.

All drugs are processed through the liver and our sugar levels are balanced in this major organ. A liver and gall bladder flush could save you from many health issues for example gall stones and cirrhosis of the liver.

The weekend cleanse is a simple procedure, using salts and oil to purge the liver of stones. Once the flush is complete it helps to lower and stabilise cholesterol levels and a post flush colonic is necessary to flush out remaining stones.

Please download further information for detailed instructions, requires Adobe Reader

Liver and gall bladder flush Information sheet download

Seven day detoxification program Information sheet download

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