'What is it like to have a colonic

It feels like going to the toilet. The water flows in and out of the bowel. The bowel evacuates the waste making you feel lighter and less bloated.

It does not hurt and there is no mess. The waste is removed via tubing and flushed away. The sensation feels unusual at first but the peristaltic motion leaves you feeling refreshed, cleansed and hydrated.

Preparation before a colonic

It is best to avoid gas producing foods and drinks such as cola and fried food. Alcohol and wheat based products should also be excluded the day before and on the day of the colonic.

The Treatment

On arrival for your colonic an initial consultation will establish your medical history and contraindications in preparation for the treatment.

I will also explain what is about to happen taking you through each step of the process so you are comfortable and relaxed. You will then progress to the treatment room where the colonic takes place and lasts for 40- 45 minutes. After the colonic you will sit on the toilet to evacuate any remaining water from your bowel. You are then free to resume daily activities or return to work. There are no more sudden evacuations.

For further information: www.colonic-association.org


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